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The piece “Places where I was happy” includes around 70 photographs of places where I was indeed happy, one way or another, during my life, starting with my childhood and going up to 1995, when the piece was made. Despite the apparent intimacy of the subject matter, all the photos are inexpressive and monotonous (corners of buildings, banal interiors and the like), so getting to the essence of my “happinesses” is practically impossible.
When they are being exhibited, the photos are placed in a row along the perimeter of the hall, and above each of them a small red disc is stuck on the wall at a height determined by the level of happiness experienced. In this way, sometimes the discs go up to the ceiling somewhere and at other times descend to the edge of the photos. In one sense the true aim of the piece is that very minimal composition (red discs on a white wall), while the whole story about the “happy places” was only evoked to justify the composition.

  • Artist: Yuri Leiderman
  • Original Title: Places where I was happy
  • Year: 1995
  • Material: 78 photos with red dots
  • Dimensions: various dimensions
  • Inventory no.: K627
  • Category: installation
Parts of Work