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Starting to work with the Group of Six Artists in 1975, Željko Jerman produced this photography-based work for one specific day, September 5, 1975. The work was exhibited in public in the course of one of the exhibition-actions, which the group carried out on Zagreb’s Republic Square in this specific occasion. Altogether, they carried out twenty-one of these exhibition-actions, which can be contextualized within the framework of the New Artistic Practice with its anti-aesthetic, anti-programmatic and anti-professional stance to art production. The exhibition-actions comprised experiments with photography, poetry, text, concepts, ephemeral interventions and actions, as well as exhibition experiments, which initially took place in the open, in public spaces of the city and its surroundings, in residential areas, alongside the river and then also in university hallways.

  • Artist: Željko Jerman
  • Original Title: 5.9.1975
  • Year: 1975
  • Material: photochemicals on photopaper
  • Dimensions: Original Size: 108,5 × 341,5 cm (42 11/16 × 134 7/16 in.)
  • Inventory no.: K323
  • Category: photography
Parts of Work