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In her videos and photography, Lienbacher also injects an additional aspect into her examination with the body-theme: the concepts of self-discipline and of both the requirement and the will to perform, as typically presupposed in sports and games.
The title "Will I + II" refers to the actual given name of the featured hula dancer, as well as to the concepts of will and of wanting. "Will I" shows the entire figure and "Will II" shows a portrait view of the protagonist, who demonstrates his proficiency in hula dancing. Each work contains three sequences that are mounted to form a loop. In this, it is important to Lienbacher that such a game convey lightness but at the same time show the considerable effort and practice required. During his hoop performance, Will oscillates between skillful routine and great effort while also allowing the compulsive nature of his playfully athletic performance to become visible. His expressions differ between the full-body and the portrait shots, in which his face—directly focused on by the camera—seems even more concentrated. And Lienbacher is also interested in a further aspect, here: the fact that, though hula dancing is typically viewed more as a girls’ pastime, the individual shown dancing is a man.


  • Artist: Ulrike Lienbacher
  • Original Title: Will (I)
  • Year: 2006
  • Material: video, color, sound
  • Dimensions: Duration: 15min, 24sec
  • Inventory no.: K177
  • Category: video installation
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