Group of Six Artists

In 1975 the Group of Six Artists (Boris Demur, Željko Jerman, Vlado Martek, Mladen and Sven Stilinović and Fedor Vučemilović) had begun to exhibit extensively on the streets. Rather than waiting for someone to invite them for the exhibition, they themselves found venues in which to exhibit their work, bypassing the traps set by the institutions of art. They organized exhibition-actions in Zagreb: on the city beach along the bank of the Sava River, in the old center, at the University; in Belgrade, in Venice, on the beach at the Adriatic coast, and elsewhere, spontaneously, as a loose association of neo-conceptual artists realizing their ideas by appropriating a new type of exhibition context. They set up their works, which were often destructive of the prevailing aesthetic and ethical norms, on the grass, they laid them down on the road, they projected slides and films onto the walls of houses... and they performed actions which disturbed the public. The creative territory of the artists was broad and it seemed to be expanding daily. They were active in the spirit of constant rebellion varying according to the occasion. With their sudden, mostly one-day exhibition-actions, the Group of Six Artists adopted the style of guerrilla warfare. This was a resistance full of a critical spirit and imagination, simultaneously derisive and joyful. Then very young artists, they resisted all forms of ideology, and each of them waged his battle in his own way. In a democratic climate, there was much discussion about art and the works displayed.



artist collective from 1975–1981, Zagreb / HR, at that time Jugoslavija



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Mladen Stilinović, Boris Demur, Fedor Vučemilović, Vlado Martek, Sven Stilinović and Željko Jerman, Zagreb 1975
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  • Photo: Adam Sakovy
  • Photo: Adam Sakovy