Dalibor Martinis

Dalibor Martinis, one of the pioneers of media art in this part of Europe, has since the late 1960s dealt with communication in public spaces as well as with the system of signs that facilitates this communication.

Communication in public spaces and the system of signs that facilitates this communication are the fundamental problems that Martinis has been dealing with since the late 1960s and his early performances during his studies at the Academy of Art in Zagreb (Module N&Z, 1969, Triangles, 1971.) 

Whether he uses modern media–it is important to emphasise that in the early 1970s Martinis, along with Sanja Iveković and Goran Trbuljak, did pioneer steps in the area of media art within the Central European context–or he uses motionless pictures“ and “counterfeits” of traditional methods, Martinis systematically examines the truth and lies, unique and surrogate, real and virtual, nature and technology, manipulation and recontextualisation, commonly using a kind of coded message hidden behind the iconic surface.



1947, Zagreb / HR, at that time Jugoslavija


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Podroom, Zagreb 1978
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